Therapists and Life Coaches


Many men have found one-on-one therapy or life coaching to be an integral part of their journey out of unwanted same-sex attraction. 


Below are some of the therapists and life coaches treating men with unwanted SSA in Israel. Although they may support the work done in People Can Change, they do not necessarily have an official affiliation with the organization.



Shlomo-Zalman (Adam) Jessel holds BSc. and MA degrees in Clinical-Developmental psychology, and is EMDR certified. A founding member of the Jerusalem Therapy Institute (, he works with individuals and families in Israel and abroad, often via telephone or Skype. He has published in medical and scientific journals on a wide array of subjects, and guest lectures to therapists and educators several times per year. Shlomo's current emphasis is on men dealing with pornography, sex-related addictions, and trauma, particularly therapy for men with same-gender attraction, and spouses and parents dealing with this issue through a loved one. He is a member of the SSA supervisory group headed by Joseph Nicolosi, PhD.

Shlomo Zalman (Adam) Jessel, MA
Gedalyah Rosen, MSW

Gedalyah Rosen is a multi-disciplinary therapist. He has a private practice in Jerusalem, specializing in trauma. In addition to his private practice, he has given workshops in Israel, Mexico, and the United States.


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