Journey into Manhood

As a "journeyer," you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of group and individual exercises - including journaling, visualization, group sharing, safe healing touch and intensive emotional-release work - all in a very supportive

yet challenging environment.

Journey Into Manhood is an experiential-learning workshop. We limit the use of classroom-style lectures. Instead, we create opportunities for you to experience healing, not just learn about it.

One simple example: You won't just talk about what it is like to look another man in the eyes - you'll stand eye to eye with another man while we help you process whatever feelings might arise.

All of the exercises are designed to help you identify and process the underlying issues that may be alienating you from your authentic heterosexual masculinity and, ideally, to help you experience a deep emotional breakthrough.

Journey Into Manhood (JiM) is a 48-hour immersion in intensive emotional-healing work, designed specifically for men who are self-motivated and serious about resolving unwanted homosexual attractions.
What it is NOT​


  • Journey Into Manhood is not a religious retreat, although many men find it spiritually rewarding. Men of all faiths (or no faith) are welcome. We do teach the principle of "surrender" to a Higher Power or Greater Good. But we do not advocate a specific faith, nor will we intentionally challenge your religious beliefs.

  • Journey Into Manhood is not professional therapy.

  • It is not a gay-bashing weekend.

  • It is not a place to meet potential sex partners.

  • It is not a place for shaming. Quite the contrary: we affirm your inherent value as a man, just as you are.

Journey Into Manhood is not appropriate for anyone who feels pressured to change against his will. It is only for men who already are sincerely self-motivated to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions, in accordance with their intrinsic values, beliefs and personal life goals.

Does it work?


Do most people see a complete turnaround in their sexual attractions after attending Journey Into Manhood? No. Does one weekend change someone's long-established habits forever? Usually not. 


But the experience of Journey Into Manhood and the principles taught there give men a basis for living their lives in a way that their same-sex attractions do not have to dominate them. They learn to accept their attraction, in the moment, fully - yes, as sexual, but as they delve deeper, it can start to feel like yearning for belonging and connection. Thus the sexual attraction often transforms into one of brotherhood - just as most men experience it.


Many men also find that opposite-sex attractions develop as well. Many graduates of Journey Into Manhood go on to enter a satisfying relationship with a woman if they so choose, or see an improvement in their already-established relationship.


Perhaps more importantly, they often experience a greater sense of wholeness and peace within themselves, a greater sense of brotherhood and connection with other men, and greater integrity between their values or beliefs and their thoughts or behaviors. 


For many, Journey into Manhood has proven a critical step in this process.


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